Wireless hedphones

It was a happy day – you decided to buy yourself best wireless headphones to listen to music without boring wires and get complete freedom. You went to the online store and were very surprised by the huge range of wireless headphones. What do you choose a bluetooth headset or headphones? Hundreds of models at a variety of prices, because they should be something different from each other. Let’s look at everything in order and understand how to choose the bluetooth headphones that suit us, and which ones should be avoided.


The third type of wireless headphone works with the wireless data transfer protocol Bluetooth. Today it is the most popular protocol that supports all modern phones, laptops, computers and even TVs.

The main advantage of Bluetooth is a stable connection, the data when sending from the source to the headphones are almost not subject to distortion. True, the range is limited to 10-20 meters, but you do not need an additional sound transmitter, headphones can be directly connected to a phone or a computer.

bluetooth headphones

However, cheap best Bluetooth headphones has features you need to know about before choosing headphones with this type of connection. There are several types of codecs that encode data (in our case music) for transmission over the air. The standard codec is in all devices with Bluetooth and it works with all Bluetooth headphones, but the quality of the transferred music can be called average, because The musical material is further compressed for transmission.

To get good quality music, your source (for example, the phone) should have codec support: aptX, aptX HD, LDAC or SBC. If your phone supports one of these codecs, and your headphones support them – you can count on high quality sound in headphones. If these codecs support only one device, you will get the sound transmitted by the standard protocol.

Advantages :

  • Low power consumption, many wireless headphones are able to work up to 30 hours without recharging;
  • Compatible with all mobile devices that have a Bluetooth module on board;
  • The ability to connect two pairs of headphones to one sound source, provided that the source supports the Multipoint function;
  • The radius of confident reception is up to 20 meters;
  • Ability to transmit high-quality sound with the support of codecs: aptX, aptX HD, LDAC or SBC.

Disadvantages :

  • In the early versions of the best Bluetooth headphones protocol (version 3 and below), the signal transmission may be unstable and with poor sound quality.