Coffee Drone Delivery

So, you’ve just settled in to your cheap hotel in Dubai, you’ve jumped a Flying Taxi down to the beach and now you’re sitting, relaxing in the sun with a cool breeze rolling in off the Arabian Gulf.

You’re relaxing, soaking up the rays and then all of a sudden you get the uncontrollable urge for a lovely ice cold coffee.  You stare off across the hot sand longingly at the faint outline of a Costa Coffee.

Easily a 20 minute walk there and a 20 minute walk back across the scorching hot sands, too.  Who on Earth wants to go and do that?

But your thirst is growing and growing, what do you do?

Easy.  You reach down into your beach bag and pull out your smartphone and, either using a specially designed app or with a short phone call, you can have your very own Costa Coffee zooming across the beach to you via drone.

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Yes, drone.  Those quadcopters, again.

The very first drink delivered via drone delivery service was tested on Dubai’s Kite Beach.  The orders were placed and within 15 minutes, the beverages were made by Costa baristas and then delivered to beachgoers.

Costa Coffee UAE’s head of marketing said, ‘Dubai is known for leading the way with innovative technology and drones are the next frontier for instant delivery,’ and, ‘Our customers told us they’d love to have their favourite drinks dropped off by drones, so we’re super-excited to have successfully tested this service, enabling beach-goers to enjoy ice-cold beverages without leaving the comfort of their sun loungers.’

Hopefully, once the service has been tested and approved for use, we’ll be able to stay sitting on our lovely sun loungers and enjoy ice cold coffees delivered to us.  Although Costa hasn’t explicitly stated it’ll only be delivering cold drinks, I think I would prefer only cold drinks being flown overhead, don’t you think?

If you, like 82% of other people, would like to utilise drone deliveries for food and drink, then hopefully we’ll all be able to do something like this in other places, too.

How great would it be if this was just the new way of getting food and drink deliveries?  You could have drinks delivered via drone while you’re walking about any of the Dubai Parks and Resorts theme parks.  You could have some food delivered while you’re exploring the new Dubai Safari.  The possibilities seem endless to how we could live our lives a little bit easier with the use of food and drink delivery drones.

The future’s looking bright.